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professional fist pumpers at San Gennaro

What a blast the San Gennaro Festival is! The cast, staff and crew enjoyed the energy of New York City, especially our first dog fan, Addie! If you’ve never experienced the Feast of San Gennaro you are missing out. The food was delicious. Thanks to everyone at Ferrara’s and the great event staff in Little Italy. Enjoy the pic above (thanks to all who rocked out for this) more pics over in our Facebook album.

San Gennaro

We have two important updates! First, we will not be performing this Monday (Labor Day)┬áin Point Pleasant, but the event is happening so check out all of our friends at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk if you’re in the area.

Second, we are very excited to announce we’ve been invited to perform at the legendary San Gennaro Festival in historic Little Italy, Manhattan on September 16th! Check out our tour page for more info.