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Tin Roof Broadway

RNRC took the stage by storm at the Tin Roof Bar on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee; a fantastic venue in a mixture of legendary Honkey Tonks. The eclectic crowd cheered on through a truly stellar performance.

Check out more images from our performance here 

Franklin County Fair

RNRC took stage at the entertainment tent to celebrate 100 years of the Franklin County Fair in the heart of Hilliard, Ohio. Cast and Staff were able to enjoy the festivities, rodeo and carnival attractions. Much fun was had by all! 

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Kicked off our tour with the opportunity to perform at the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. A fantastic performance and experience for all! 

Freedom Fest

Performing at the Freedom Fest was an awesome time! We had a great performance, and had lots of fun at the fair afterwards! 

Freehold Raceway Fireworks

Our first show of the season was a ton of fun! It was a blast being called back up to perform with NRG, and lots of fun watching the fireworks afterwards!