about RNRC Academy

What is it?

RNRC ACADEMY is an a cappella educational program for middle school and high school students. There will be between 20 and 30 vocalists in each location. Singers will learn about proper vocal technique, beatboxing (vocal percussion) skills, stage presence, performance skills, health and wellness, harmony, rhythm, reading music, blending and learning by rote. Through the RockNRoll Chorus approach to music learning, students will also acquire confidence, interpersonal communication skills, ensemble singing, the value of being on a team, persistence, and patience. RNRC ACADEMY is very exciting, offering many ‘ah-ha’ moments and lifetime memories for everyone! We love to make music, make friends and have fun! Most importantly, this is a safe environment, where singers can take chances and not feel awkward as they improve. We do not allow ‘drama’ in The RockNRoll Chorus, so if that sounds great to you then come sing with us! You can find out more about our locations, dates, and coaches below, register here, and read our FAQ here

2020 Locations

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