RNRC Academy FAQ’s

Q) Where do the singers come from? How old are they?

A: RNRC ACADEMY is open to rising 6th graders through current 8th graders from all over NJ and beyond. IN SUMMERS WHERE WE HOLD RNRC ACADEMY, there are multiple locations and casts of RNRC ACADEMY, but most singers choose to perform in a cast that meets closest to their home. Based on enrollment (which is limited), and ability, students will sing with others of similar age and vocal training.

Q) How do I register for The RockNRoll Chorus ACADEMY?


Q) Where are RNRC ACADEMY classes located?

A: Classes are held at several different locations throughout New Jersey. You can choose which location best suits you when you register for the RockNRoll Chorus ACADEMY!

Q) What is the general philosophy and outlook of The RockNRoll Chorus ACADEMY?

A: Singing should be healthy and fun! RNRC ACADEMY focuses on healthy, strong, proper vocal technique that will help students transition through this very impressionable age-range. At the same time, priorities are placed on a cappella singing, rhythmic ability, vowel-shaping, stage presence, health and wellness, the music business, friendships, and most of all…FUN and MEMORIES!

Q) What are the expectations that RNRC ACADEMY has for its singers, student crew and families?

A: We expect no ‘drama.’

We expect all singers to understand that, although (healthy) ‘lead singing’ is essential in any song, RockNRoll Chorus music is not about the lead singer. We expect all singers to be willing to make each moment be ‘NOT about them, but be about the ensemble and the needs of everyone else first.’

We expect singers (guided by their parents) to do right or be willing to be coached into identifying ‘right’ and then ‘do right’ – even when ‘right’ may not be what’s best or most exciting for the individual.

Most importantly, we expect the whole RNRC family to have fun and improve the lives of those around us through music, effort, and good energy.

Finally, we expect to be impressed and inspired by our performers/musicians.

 Q) What will The RockNRoll Chorus ACADEMY bring to each singer’s life?

Answered by former and current RNRC ACADEMY Staff….

– A sense of confidence and power: If there is something you want, and you put yourself in the right circumstances, surround yourself with talent, and then work harder than you thought you could, you can achieve almost anything.

– An understanding that nothing great ever started as a reasonable idea. – An improved set of performance skills.

– An improved set of healthy vocal technique and musicianship skills– An improved set of listening skills.

– A better command of music theory and its value in the creation and performance of music.

– Legitimate future networking opportunities within the industry. – The vocabulary and culture of professional production.

– A sense of discerning between what is important to ‘you and your teammates’ over what is popular.

– The ability to balance your schedule– The ability to communicate openly, honestly, and without being intimidated, to adults and peers.

– An advantage in being prepared for college, musically and socially. – An understanding of what it truly means to appreciate your parents.

– Friends (that become family)– Challenges, laughter, and support structures

– An adventure

– Satisfaction

– Pride

– The kind of smile that shows your family that you are truly fulfilled and happy to be using your gifts in a way that lifts audiences the way that RNRC does.

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