All cast members of The RockNRoll Chorus JUNIOR contribute $105, through electronic funds transfer, on the first of each month from September through June. Please see below for details.


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I understand that the cost for the 2017-2018 Season of The RockNRoll Chorus JUNIOR is $105 paid monthly from September 2017 through June 2018 (charged directly from my bank through Electronic Funds Transfer on the 25th of each month). Once I have registered my child, I understand that he/she has taken a spot in a limited enrollment cast opportunity and I accept full responsibility for the entire sum owed to RNRC JUNIOR, even if my child does not complete the season for reasons that include: if he/she quits at any time, if it is decided that he/she be removed by a family member, if he/she is removed from the group for disciplinary reasons or lack of attendance, or any other unforeseen circumstances. I understand that if my child leaves or is removed from the group, all remaining fees (the unpaid balance) will be due on time each month. I also acknowledge that my child is NOT involved in a month-to-month, ‘pay-as-you-go’ program. I am completely aware that I am not paying for each month of active participation, but rather am distributing the $1,050.00 commitment over a period of time (as stated above) for my own convenience.

I have fully read and agree to the above terms

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RockNRoll Chorus Jr.! - 1st Month Tuition 1 105